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DESCRIPTION: Ready silicone white water-repellent plaster in paste form, based on acrylic resins and silicone additives. Contains graded aggregates of excellent quality, which form decorative surfaces depending on the application. It has great durability, allowing transpiration of the building.

ADVANTAGES: The material has high strength, does not crack, is waterproof, is elastic, is washable, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it gives breathability, speed and cleanliness.


Product Description

USE: The PM 500 NORMAL + FULL used as a final layer plaster for indoors and outdoors and is ideal to apply to all building materials, including surfaces exposed concrete, lime / cement, cement, gypsum, thermal insulation etc..

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Apply on a dry and stable substrate, which is net of plaster, dirt, paint, grease etc. The application must be done at least a week after installing the fiber-reinforced adhesive THERMOCOL FIBER T200.Before applying plaster PM 500, the substrate should be prepared with the primer POWERFLEX 300 PRIMER for best results abroad insulation system. Smooth, non-absorbent surfaces, we recommend priming with quartz acrylic primer POWER CONTACT RED. With electric mixer is the homogenization of the mixture and with stainless steel trowel plies of the substrate is applied in a thin layer (the layer should not exceed the grain size of the plaster), then, if the coating has begun to pull, with plastic we float finishing.

Technical Specs

Application Temperature+5 °C until +35°C
StorageIt is kept in intact packaging for up to 12 months from date of production.
Consuption1,7 kg/m2 /mm
Shipping optionsAvalilable in plastic containers of 25kg
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